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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 1: Assess The Existing Finish

Learn how to assess an existing finish for a new coat of paint.

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 2: Select a Color

Marcy chose to mix Lamp Black and Blue Moon Milk Paint. Here's why...

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 3: Choose a Topcoat

Topcoat is recommended over high-use surfaces such as kitchen cabinets and table tops. Choose a topcoat based on wear or usage and aesthetics.

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Before getting started, always test your entire finishing schedule from prep cleaning to topcoat.

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Before you head to the store, know how much you need to buy! Save money by planning ahead. You'll get more bang for your buck with bigger can sizes.

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 6: What You’ll Need

You'll only need to make one trip to the store if you plan ahead!

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For the best fit, install doors and hinges in the same place they came from. The original doors might be slightly different and screws may have been installed at slightly different angles.

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 8: Prep Clean & Sand Doors

A GOOD FINISH STARTS WITH GOOD and prep sanding. No prep and no prime is a problem.

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 9: Brush Application of Paint

Learn the tecniques that result in a smooth finish using the correct types of brushes.

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We cover finish sanding between coats and how to apply the second coat of paint with a brush.

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Applying paint with a spray gun is the easiest way to achieve a factory finished result.

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Follow basic prep sanding and cleaning of your face frames before applying paint. Protect permanent fixtures in your home from mistakes and spills.

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 13: Painting Face Frames

Marcy didn't want to spray in the house, so these instructions are designed for brush application.

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 14: Topcoat Brush Application

If spraying, proceed to Lesson 15.

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 15: Topcoat Spray Application

For brush application, revisit Lesson 14.

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Since our last lesson, we applied a second coat of paint and 2 coats of topcoat.

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We're all done! Check out the result.

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Cabinet Refresh Course Lesson 18: Final Thoughts!

CONGRATULATIONS on completing your project! We asked Marcy to reflect on what she learned throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click on any of the questions below to learn more.

I've never refinished anything in my life. Is this course right for me?

Yes! In this course, Tom Monahan from General Finishes is on camera the whole way, helping Marcy refinish her kitchenette step by step.
This was Marcy's first time refinishing, too!

I refinish cabinets professionally. Is this course right for me?

We provide a full range of tips of the trade - some may be new to you!
We also provide a full range of tool recommendations for new or current professionals, for different price ranges. 

How much does it cost to refinish cabinets?

The cost  of finishing products plus any new tools.
If you go through the course and realize you would rather hire help, then the course has helped you make an informed decision. Finishing cabinets correctly does take time and knowledge - a good professional is a great time saver and worth the investment.

How long does it take to refinish cabinets? 

All of the products recommended in this course dry after 2 hours in ideal conditions (70°F 50% humidity).

The total amount of time you'll spend will vary based on the cabinet surface area, the number of coats you apply, the number of products you use, the applicator type (brush or spray) and your experience level.

How long is this course? 

This course has 18 lessons covered in less than an hour and a half.
Each lesson has a video between 1 and 12 minutes long.
Several lessons have printable worksheets, checklists, lesson summaries and more.

Why is a login required to take this course?

This course includes community participation and support in the form of a comments section.
In order for us to manage the community element of this course, a login is required.

We may send emails to support you through the process of finishing this project and let you know when new courses are released. You can opt-out at any time.

Your name and email is safe and will not be shared with others. 
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